• Matthew Ramondo, boyfriend of daughter Briana, Voctor Almodovar, his wife Rocio and son Michael

    "The Pepe’s located at 867 North State Street, Chicago, was the location on January 16th, 1977 that I took my future wife Rocio, for our first date.” The State Street Pepe’s is no longer there, but our family did celebrate our 40th An- niversary at the 4610 North Harlem Pepe’s in Harwood Heights. Victor Almodovar wanted to surprise his wife and make the family dinner a memory lane trip back to their first date in 1977. Victor is very thankful that Rocio said ‘Yes” when he asked her to dinner for their first date. Rocio was his high school sweetheart.

    Victor thought the Anniversary dinner was spectacular. He indicated the service was extra special too, helping to make the dinner one to remember.

    Congratulations, Harwood, for making this evening so special for the Almodovars. You made the Pepe family very proud of you. We’re sure you will see the Almodovar family again very soon.

    Victor Almodovar emailed Pepe’s President, Bob Ptak, to thank the whole crew of the Harlem Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant for a great dinner and a great time.

  • Pepe’s 6th Annual Taco Eating Contest at Balmoral Racetrack

    Eugene Jung was the winner he ate 12 Tacos in 5 minutes. which was a feat. (Eugene is pictured bottom right holding a plate of tacos)

  • 94.7 FM & Dick Biondi at Griffith, IN

    Griffith celebrated the reopening of Pepe's at 222 E. Ridge Road with a radio remote on Saturday, November 17th. The Garcia family hosted radio "Oldies But Goodies" celebrity, Dick Biondi and WLS 94.7 FM radio. Biondi gave Pepe's and the November featured dinner, the Patriot Platter, plenty of on-air attention. Proceeds from the Patriot Platter support the Disabled Patriot Fund.

  • Pepe’s Continued Support of Disabled Patriot Fund

    Pictured l. to r.: Tom Spangler, Maribeth Hearn, Rich Walberg, Pat McShane, John Teering, Bob Ptak, Pat Sulliven, Dick Biondi and Ray Baranak. Pepe’s President, Bob Ptak, presented a $5,000 check to the Disabled Patriot Fund Chairman, Pat McShane and Patriot Fund board members. WLS-FM (94.7) radio celebri- ty Dick Biondi, a key figure leading the campaign to generate interest and support in The Disabled Patriot Fund, has been the on-air spokesperson, assisted in the check presentation.

    The $5,000 check presentation on Wednesday, June 13th at the Pepe’s in Tinley Park, Illinois represents customer support and Pepe fan loyalty. Pepe’s is going to run this great promotion again during November, 2012. Thank you to all the Pepe’s owners who participated in the “Remember the Veterans” Patriot Platter Promotion during November, 2011. You helped raise this $5,000.00 donation to the Disabled Patriot Fund.

  • Winner of the Pepe’s and Power 92 Trip to Mexico

    Steven Ivanovich, Tone DJ Power 92, and Rosanne Ivanovich